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    Open Records Office

    Pennsylvania's new Right-to-Know Law took effect January 1, 2009. The law concerns public access to records at public institutions and government agencies. The most significant change is that the burden of proof is now on the institution or agency to show why a record should not be released; there are 31 categories of records exempted under this law. The new law does not overrule existing laws such as FERPA (the Buckley Amendment) that limit access to certain records.

    Also, while many community colleges (including CCAC) have followed the spirit of the law in the past, they are explicitly required to comply with the new Right-to-Know Law.

    What does this mean for you? You should know some of the most important provisions of the law before submitting a request.

    • How: Requests must be in writing via either hard-copy or email. Download the standard request form or request one through the Open Records office, 412.237.8182.
    • What: Requests for information must be specific as to the record(s) desired. You do not have to give a reason for the request.
    • Who: Requests must be submitted to the Open Records Officer:
      Nancilee Burzachechi, Executive Director, Government and External Affairs
      Community College of Allegheny County, Office of College Services
      Byers Hall 206
      800 Ridge Avenue
    • Pittsburgh, PA 15233
    • When: A response to the request will be issued within five business days from the time it is received by the Open Records Officer. 
    • How much: You may be charged duplication and postage fees in keeping with standards set by the Office of Open Records. Prepayment may be required if fees are expected to exceed $100.
    • Where: For more information about the new Right to Know Law, visit http://openrecords.state.pa.us
  • Right-to-Know Request Form 

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    (attach separate sheet if necessary)
     *Provide as much specific detail as possible so the agency can identify the information.

    Do you want copies of the records?   

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    Download the standard request form

    Submit form to:

    Nancilee Burzachechi, JD, CFRE
    Executive Director, Governmental and External Affairs
    Community College of Allegheny County
    800 Allegheny Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15233
    Tel: (412) 237-8181
    Fax: (412) 237-3037

    **Public bodies may fill anonymous verbal or written requests. If the requestor wishes to pursue the relief and remedies provided for in this Act, the request must be in writing. (Section 702.) Written requests need not include an explanation why information is sought or the intended use of the information unless otherwise required by law. (Section 703.)

  • Nancilee Burzachechi
    Executive Director
    Government and External Affairs
    Byers Hall
    Phone: 412.237.4684