• Risk Management, Insurance

    The Risk Management/Insurance Department strides to identify risks in the overall operations of the college and provides alternative methods to mitigate, transfer or eliminate them. This can be achieved through insurance, training, loss prevention, contractual transfer and claims handling among others.   

    View the CCAC Health and Safety Manual.

    Other functions of the Risk Management/Insurance Department include but are not limited to:

    • Negotiate, purchase and review the College's insurance program.
    • Research and report on the most cost-effective plans to minimize asset liability.
    • Acts as the liaison to attorneys, insurance companies and individuals, investigating any incidences that may result in asset loss.
    • Reviews and analyzes risk management programs for the effectiveness of coverage and to reduce costs and losses.
    • Evaluates existing policies and procedures related to asset risks in order to find weaknesses and provides recommendations to mitigate the weakness.
    • Designs and implements an overall risk management process for the College, which includes an analysis of the financial impact on the College when risks occur.
    • Performs risk assessment: Analyzing current risks and identifying potential risks that are affecting the College and provides solutions to diminish the risk.
    • Develops and maintains procedures for claims reporting and claims management
    • Coordinates the activities and agendas with the college wide safety committee's
    • Maintains records of insurance policies and claims.
    • Reviews contracts and internal business proposals from a risk/insurance standpoint.
  • Mark Guerriero
    Director of Risk Management, Insurance
    Office of College Services
    800 Allegheny Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15233
    Phone: 412-237-3136