• Room Scheduling

    Request a room.

    The College utilizes Astra Schedule for maintaining reservations and usage for all schedulable spaces and resources at all campuses and centers. All courses, events, meetings, and community events are scheduled through the Campus Schedulers.

    The academic scheduler is responsible for scheduling all classes, labs, open labs and other activities associated with credit courses. The non-credit scheduler will assist with scheduling needs for Community Education and Workforce Training. 

    The campus event scheduler is responsible for scheduling and room reservations for all campus and student events, meetings, professional development and external organizations. The Astra Coordinator is the Business Office administrator on campus who is responsible for monitoring all facilities usage and managing any external usage of College facilities.

    CCAC employees can log into Astra Schedule to request events or click on the "Request Event" at the top of the scheduling grid below. In order to take advantage of the full functionality of the Internal Request forms, you will need to have an Astra Schedule account. If you do not have access to view the multiple campus request forms, please contact the ServiceDesk to request a user account.