Our Commitments

CCAC has a strong commitment to diversity, inclusion and the dignity of all individuals. Our institution has the great privilege of educating and supporting the largest diverse student population in the region. A significant component of CCAC's vision is predicated on honoring and embracing diversity by creating a welcoming, inclusive college culture that respects individual differences and values the unique experiences and perspectives of all students, faculty and staff.

We recognize that institutions of higher education have a great responsibility in creating and sustaining inclusive and safe environments where members can learn and work without the fear of discrimination and inequality.


A Commitment to Care

To meet this commitment, college leaders, faculty and staff will work together and make a commitment to:

  • Ensure all students have access to college resources, including supportive and wrap-around services, the campus food pantries and the clothing closet, financial assistance and emergency funds, and to also ensure that no students lack access to the IT tools and systems necessary to support their educational journey.
  • Enhance the overall coordination and distribution of aid to students through advocacy and by working with partners to connect students to community resources to ensure that students have access to essential services.

A Commitment to Serve the Whole Community

To meet this commitment, the college will commit and pledge to:

  • Create and maintain a safe space for new and continuing students of color where they can meet to discuss their college experiences so that administrators, advisors and faculty are able to gain insights that will help create a more inclusive and supportive campus environment.
  • Review recruitment, enrollment, retention, completion, and employment patterns and outcomes to accurately assess disparities among students. The college will assess and discuss data to identify challenges and provide solutions to address identified barriers and shortcomings.
  • Expand and maintain strong partnerships with community organizations, businesses and industries to expand opportunities for students and support to underserved populations.

A Commitment to Build a Culture of Equity On Campus

To meet this commitment, the college will commit and pledge to:

  • Call on the board of trustees to endorse their commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion and charge college leaders to pursue concrete initiatives.
  • Charge all faculty, staff and leaders to participate in implicit bias and cultural competency training.
  • Review recruitment and hiring processes as well as employees' first-year experiences, professional development plans, and career advancement opportunities.

A Commitment to Identify & Dismantle Campus Structures that Breed Disparities & then Redesign the College for Equity

To meet this commitment, the college will commit and pledge to:

  • Equip faculty and staff with essential data that can be disaggregated by race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender and other relevant attributes, and provide support to uncover disparities and develop new practices to improve education and career outcomes for populations with comparatively low success rates.
  • Audit institutional policies and practices.
  • Use external means to hold college leaders, faculty and staff accountable to make a commitment to equity redesign that leads to measurable outcomes.

A Commitment to Fund What Matters Most

To meet this commitment, the college will commit and pledge to:

  • Apply an equity lens to all budgetary decisions, focusing on spending tied to the institution's core mission, and find ways to scale evidence-based approaches to increase access and success.
  • Develop a sustainable pool of resources to fund student services.
  • Expand and support minority-owned businesses.