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Summers to Remember

Article by: Quintin B. Bullock

Summers to RememberWhen I think back to my college years, I often remember my summers spent on campus working a part-time job and taking one or two classes. I truly enjoyed taking summer classes—the warmer weather, outdoor studying and fewer cars on campus
all contributed to a more relaxed feeling to the summer term.
As I often took advanced math and science classes during the summer, I welcomed the opportunity to be able to spread my books out under a big shade tree to study and work on my assignments rather than be cooped up in the residence hall.

For me, summer classes provided the chance to get a jumpstart on fall classes while at the same time helping me to retain and carry forward all of the information I had learned in the spring. Knowing the value that summer classes offer to students, I am always surprised when more students don’t take advantage of these courses, especially as students now (unlike my days on campus) have the ability to take classes from anywhere, online. To think that I could have been able to connect remotely—all while spending some time on the sandy shores of Galveston Bay.

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion in the national news media about students who are considering taking a “gap” year or a year away from college during the COVID–19 pandemic. While I certainly understand the reasons why some students may be considering this, I think that now more than ever is the right time to stay on track, stay focused and stay in school. And while community colleges like CCAC have always been a great choice—delivering quality education at an affordable cost—they make perfect sense for students who are seeking to stay closer to home while pursuing their degree. 

CCAC offers a wealth of program options. Currently, classes are being delivered online or via an alternative remote form of delivery, but we hope to add in-person classes in time for our Second Summer courses beginning June 29 and for the fall semester. For students who may be considering beginning their studies at CCAC, we offer articulation agreements with 51 colleges and universities that enable our graduates to transfer seamlessly as juniors into more than 165 programs.

For visiting students considering taking classes this summer or fall, CCAC offers hundreds of courses, many of which are core requirements for programs at four-year institutions. In fact, students who have taken classes at CCAC have transferred credits to their home institutions at more than 500 colleges and universities.

CCAC’s summer classes are in full swing, but there is still time to enroll. Some of our most popular summer courses include PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology, BIO 175 Microbiology, ENG 101 English Composition 1, and CHM 152 General Chemistry 2. No matter where you may be in your educational journey, there is a place for you at CCAC, both this summer and in the fall.

Be safe,

Dr. Quintin Bullock