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Eight Actions to Ensure a Successful School Year

blog-august-2019-welcome-booksWelcome back CCAC students! It's that time of the year again. Mark your calendars and set your alarm clocks now, because the fall semester is officially upon us. (Be sure to check your schedule to figure out the specifics of your personal class start times.)

I want all CCAC students to succeed this semester and beyond, so I am going to give you the roadmap to success. Read until the end and you will find reminders and advice, as well as things to do before fall 2019 courses commence.

You can take care of any outstanding enrollment tasks by stopping by the Admissions Office at any of the CCAC campuses or by making an appointment online (it always helps to beat the crowd.)

Here are 8 things you need to do to guarantee a successful term at CCAC:

  1. Meet with your advisor - If you still need assistance with building your schedule or you need help registering for classes that complement your major, set up a meeting with your advisor. Advisors are there to help you succeed and it is important that you utilize them. 
  1. Check in with the Financial Aid Office - Meeting with Financial Aid ensures that financial aid information has been properly prepared and submitted prior to the class start date. Visit your campus' Financial Aid Office to make sure that all of your ducks are in a row and your financial information is in order.
  1. Purchase your booksMaking sure that you have all the necessary materials for a course is half the battle. Equip yourself with the right tools for success by purchasing all of the books and other supplies necessary for your courses.
  1. Participate in a campus orientation session If you are a first-time student, attending CCAC orientation can help you to become acquainted with the college environment. Orientation can provide valuable insight into the various services that are offered on campus, along with information on which individuals you will need to connect with throughout your college career.
  1. Explore students clubs and organizations Get engaged through participation in events and organizations on campus. Learn about what organizations your campus offers by going to your campus' Student Life Office. Find out which athletic teams are on your campus and try out. Greet and connect with your colleagues and friends. Consider joining a mentorship program. The opportunities are endless!
  1. Find a tutoring lab Connect with tutors to brush up on work that you may not understand or need more practice in. Even if you don't need tutoring yet, take note of the location and the hours of the office for when you may need it.
  1. Visit the Career Placement Office If you are undecided on your major, go to the Career Placement Office and inquire about a career assessment exam. This exam can help you figure out a career path, and in turn, a major that best fits your goals. Knowing these things can help you better navigate your future.
  1. Prepare for the new school year Be engaged in your classwork, report to class on time, do the homework, set aside time on a daily basis for studying and reading, and make your commitment to successfully completing the work that you have started.

Have a great semester! I hope these tips helped you gain some insight on how to succeed on any CCAC campus. Feel free to tweet at me at @QBpresCCAC with any questions, comments or fun summer updates.

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