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Make this a Great Semester!

Boy and girl going back to school near bookshelfWelcome students to what I hope will be another fantastic academic year for you at CCAC. I hope your summer was restful, and you feel refreshed and ready for action in the upcoming months. As it is the beginning of a new semester, I would like to talk about some of the activities and services available to you as a CCAC student.

If you are new to CCAC, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with your campus and make sure you know where to go for essential tasks. Find the offices for financial aid, class registration, counseling and parking permits or any other assistance you may need like military and veterans services, supportive services or career planning. Go to the bookstore to find specific items you may need for the semester to stay organized and ready for anything you may need for class. Locate the computer labs, the Learning Commons and Math Cafes or if you are a Virtual Campus student bookmark your needed web pages like Smarthinking (online tutoring), MyCCAC and Blackboard.

College life is not all about the books though, and life at CCAC can be as exciting and eventful as you'd like to make it. The Student Life staff will help you get involved in some of the many clubs and organizations on campus. Maybe you want to burn off some stress through sports and athletics. Many people do not realize how many intercollegiate sports CCAC offers like basketball, tennis, volleyball, golf and bowling. And speaking of sports, be on the lookout for an enormous, gray wild cat on the loose. The brand new CCAC mascot will be prowling around every campus this fall as part of the "Roar Tour" celebrating CCAC's "one college" commitment. Although CCAC has multiple locations, we are one college, and you can expect the same level of excellence no matter where you attend classes. But back to the large, wild cat: it needs a name and you can help name it by voting in September as part of the Roar Tour throughout the semester.

Commit to yourself right now to strive for excellence every single day this semester and to do your best no matter what. Ask questions in class. Do your homework on time and set aside a stretch of time every night to review what you've learned. Success takes a commitment not only to big goals, but it also takes dedication and attention to the small steps you take every day. Make a promise to yourself to do your absolute best.

Some days are better than others and if you find you do need assistance, CCAC can help. Many students utilize campus food pantries from time to time. Maybe you are coming up a little short financially or have an unforeseen event. If you are in need, you can apply for the Student Emergency GAP fund, which has helped many students make it to graduation day. Our goal truly is your success.

Finally, I'd like to say that we take everyone's safety very seriously. This year CCAC is using the RAVE Alert system and the Guardian phone app to send immediate information out in an urgent situation. Remember you can get an escort to your car from Security any time and always remember: if you see something, say something. Have an outstanding semester at CCAC!