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Looking Forward to the Holidays

It is hard to believe the Fall 2019 semester is already nearing its end. As you prepare for the end of the semester and final examinations, I want to encourage all students to maximize your use of all the various support and tutoring services, both on-campus and online. It will lead to successful outcomes of the class and very positive grades on your exams.

Walk-in tutoring sessions are available at all CCAC Learning Commons and Math Cafes to assist you in grasping a sound knowledge base that will help you to master the disciplines in which you are currently enrolled. Campus libraries, computer labs and tutoring areas may have extended hours for finals to give you more time to study.

Before going home for the December holiday break, I would like to encourage you to register for spring classes to ensure you can get all the classes that you need. Plus, by registering before the break, you can relax with your family knowing you have your schedule complete, and you are ready to go in January.

Now is the best time to start thinking about spring scholarships as well. If you are interested in scholarships, click on the following link to review available scholarships and complete and submit the required application. If you need a tuition payment plan, please meet with a representative in the business office, or go online and process it through the TouchNet online student account system.

Finally, it has been a great joy to have you as a part of the college community, and I look forward to welcoming you into the New Year and 2020 spring semester. I wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a prosperous, 2020.

A farming landscape painting with rolling hills a stream and a little bridge

Art by CCAC South Campus student, Tyler Gedman