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Happy Fall and Welcome Ace!

CCAC mascot Ace with a bunny at South CampusHappy Fall! The temperature is dropping and the leaves are beginning to change. More Importantly, I hope your school year is off to a great start, and you are taking advantage of the various opportunities afforded across college campuses and centers. I also hope you are settled into your class routine and now is the perfect time for you to get involved in extra-curricular activities. Stop into any Student Life office to find out about all the great happenings around the College outside of the classroom. There are many clubs, organizations, and community service opportunities at CCAC to meet new friends and to participate in numerous exciting activities and events.

Speaking of exciting activities, did you know that an all-college CCAC Athletics Department has been established at CCAC?  And to celebrate, the newly named CCAC Wild Cat mascot, Ace, will be making local appearances throughout the beginning of this month as part of the college-wide "Roar Tour." CCAC Athletics offers baseball, softball, bowling, golf and other sports across the college campuses both for competition and for leisure. Throughout the year, lookout for Ace at college games and events and have some fun cheering on the CCAC "One College" community.

In addition to the extra-curricular opportunities in sports and club activities, remember to attend classes regularly, engage in classroom discussions, do your homework, ask questions, and be accountable and responsible for your education. Complete your assignments on time and set aside enough time to study regularly to reinforce learning materials and take the necessary steps to prepare for exams. Student success is our top priority and we offer a myriad of supportive services to help you to favorably progress in your courses and to ensure you have all the necessary resources to achieve your education and career goals.

It may seem a little far off right now, but now is the best time to start planning for the 2020 Spring semester. Make a list of the classes you need to take for your degree and schedule some time to meet with your advisor to prepare for registration. Register as soon as you can so you can to get the classes you want. I also encourage to register before the December holiday break so you can enjoy the holiday and relax knowing you are registered and ready for the 2020 Spring semester. Check back in November for my yearly Thanksgiving blog and delicious recipe.