• GED Scholarship Program

    Allegheny County Residents who acquire the GED Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma are eligible for one tuition-free 3-credit course at CCAC within six months of obtaining the diploma. Students are responsible for associated fees, books, materials and supplies.

    Who is Eligible

    In order to qualify for the tuition-free course, you must:

    • be an Allegheny County resident.
    • register at CCAC within 180 days of receipt of your GED Diploma.
    • provide proof of residency and the GED Diploma upon enrollment in the course.

    Please note: If you are under 18 and pass the GED Test, the State of Pennsylvania will not issue an offical GED Diploma until you reach age 18.


    Once you have obtained your GED Diploma, contact any campus Registration office to apply.