• Assessment

    This page is a resource for faculty and staff interested in learning more about the topic. You will find general information about assessment and specific information about assessment processes and activities currently underway.  Please visit often; information will be posted as it becomes available.

    CCAC's Commitment to Assessment:

    Creating a culture of assessment is an institutional priority supported by the efforts of many committed employees.  In the last year CCAC has dedicated resources to:

    • Creating organizational structures to support systematic assessment efforts
    • Developing new processes for planning and conducting assessments at all levels
    • Establishing measurable learning outcomes and strategic goals
    • Sharing information about these changes and encouraging participation

    Looking forward, we will focus on "closing the loop" and use the results from our assessment efforts to make improvements.  Assessment does not occur in isolation.  It will take the combined efforts of many dedicated people in every department to make our assessment program a success.

    What is assessment?

    Assessment is a process.  It is a systematic comparison of expected and actual outcomes.  Assessment answers the question "how well do we meet our goals?"  If we fall short of expectations, the data collected during the assessment process can help inform the decision making process.

    To view more assessment information:

    Plan for Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness and Student Learning (January 2017) 

    Assessment of Student Learning - Presentations, suggested reading list, links and reports about assessment of student learning and general education.

    Student Development Services Assessment - Documents and tools for conducting assessment of student services.

    TracDat - An assessment management system. The college purchased TracDat in 2007 to manage the assessment process and its related documents.