• Drop Policy and Student Refunds

    Credit Students

    Students withdrawing from part of a program or from an entire program prior to the first day of the term shall be entitled to a 100 percent drop of tuition and refundable fee charges for the course or courses dropped.

    Students withdrawing from part of or an entire program on or subsequent to the first day of the semester and prior to the end of the drop period shall be entitled to a drop of 80 percent of tuition charges and 100 percent of refundable fee charges for the course or courses dropped. For deadline dates, see the academic calendar on the MyCCAC portal for the 16-week or 14-week term, or contact the Registration office for deadline dates for short-term courses.
    For specific instructions for dropping or withdrawing, see Registration Procedures. 

    Non-credit Students

    Students who wish to withdraw from a class must do so by the end of the last business day before the class starts.  No refund of materials fees shall be granted unless such materials are returned unused.

  • Student Refund Information

    The college issues refunds on approved credit balances on a weekly basis. Students are encouraged to enroll in direct deposit to ensure the quickest and most convenient refund method. Students who do not enroll in direct deposit will be issued a refund check. Checks are mailed to the student's current address on file. Students need to ensure that their address information is up to date each semester to ensure proper delivery.

    The college waits 15 calendar days on all check payments prior to releasing refunds.

    The college does not release loan or financial aid refunds prior to the beginning of the term. Loans and financial aid (grants and scholarships) will come in two separate checks. 

    CCAC has implemented electronic refunds enabling students to have certain refunds deposited directly into their bank account, minimizing problems with lost checks, old addresses or waiting for the mail. 

    Any additional questions concerning refunds may be addressed to the campus Student Accounts office.