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Financial Aid Remedial Coursework

Remedial Coursework prepares a student for study at the postsecondary level, and a student enrolled solely in a remedial program is not considered to be in a program that is eligible for federal student aid (FSA) funds. If acceptance into an eligible program is contingent on completing remedial work, a student cannot be considered enrolled in that program until he/she completes the remedial work.

If a student is admitted into an eligible program and takes remedial coursework within that program, he can be considered a regular student, even if he is taking all remedial courses before taking any regular courses. CCAC may count up to one academic year's worth of these courses in a student's enrollment status for federal student aid funds. An academic year at CCAC is 30 semester hours.

Once a student has received federal student aid funds for 30 credit hours of remedial coursework at CCAC, the student is no longer eligible to receive federal student aid for remedial coursework. A student may still enroll in remedial coursework but they must pay for these courses on their own.

Similar to other remedial coursework, a student may receive FSA funds for ESL (English as a Second Language) courses that are part of a larger eligible program. ESL courses do not count against the one-year limitation on remedial coursework previously mentioned.

Caution: Students who enroll in ESL coursework or other remedial courses that don't apply to his degree or certificate and receive FSA funds over a series of semesters for such work can exhaust his eligibility for FSA funds before he completes his program.