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The Honor/Memorial Giving Program

The Honor/Memorial Giving Program offers donors the opportunity to honor a friend or remember a loved one.

Upon the death of a loved one, family or friends may choose to make a gift to the CCAC Educational Foundation. Memorial gifts also provide a way to remember your friend or loved one at special times throughout the year, such as the anniversary of their passing or during holidays.

An honor gift may be used to recognize a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion. An honor gift is a tangible way to pay tribute to someone you love and respect.

All Honor/Memorial gifts are acknowledged promptly with a letter to the donor. When possible, a note is also sent to the person(s) honored or the family of the deceased. Named Honor/Memorial gifts are possible as well. Needs of varying levels can be funded, allowing the donor to name the funded item or program in memory of the deceased, or in honor of a special person.

More information on these special opportunities can be obtained by emailing the CCAC Educational Foundation or by calling 412.237.6514.