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Outage Schedule and Problem Notifications

Scheduled Outages for Systems Maintenance

In our effort to maintain a safe and reliable infrastructure and systems, it is necessary for ITS to schedule requirements maintenance and systems patches. We have developed a schedule through a process of:

  • Benchmarking with other PA Community Colleges and similar Community Colleges across the country.
  • Review of academic calendars and avoidance of class start-up, midterms and finals periods.
  • Discussion and adaptation of a draft schedule with the Colleague Advisory Team, Solutions and Services team and Information Security Advisory Committee.


As always, each planned outage will be reviewed and approved through ITS leadership, and any maintenance that will involve outages of critical systems will be carefully planned and communicated.

In order to properly maintain our systems, Information Technology Services reserves a series of dates to schedule required maintenance on applications, firewalls and equipment (servers, routers, switches, electrical and mechanical systems, UPS). This maintenance will help to prevent unscheduled downtime, reduce security risks and allow us to be more agile and responsive to your requests. Every attempt will be made to minimize disruption during peak registration periods, midterms and finals. Actual scheduled work will be documented and displayed on a calendar in the ITS Self-Service portal.

ITS Outage Schedule for 2022


Problem Notifications

For unscheduled outages and unexpected problems, you may receive notification of these intermittent problems by subscribing to our Servicedesk Alerts mailing list. To subscribe, go to the Servicedesk Alerts webpage and enter your information under the header Subscribe to Servicedesk alerts. You will then receive an email asking you to re-visit the webpage to Confirm your Subscription. Your membership in the list will not be complete until you do this task.

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