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Specialty Accounts

Partner Accounts

Employees of organizations that partner with the College (e.g. Job Corps or food services) may be provided limited access to the CCAC network, with approval from Human Resources. These accounts are known as "partner accounts," to indicate that they are held by non-CCAC employees. Because the holders of these accounts are not employed by the College, ITS requires a sponsor who is a CCAC employee, usually an administrator, to submit the request for the partner account. This sponsor will need to provide authentication for the holder of a partner account whenever a password reset is required.

The sponsor will be called upon to verify that such users:

  1. Are employed by the CCAC-partner organization, and
  2. Have a genuine need for a network account.

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Temporary Accounts

A temporary account may be created by the ServiceDesk for directors, coordinators or faculty members who are teaching a short-term workshop, whether in the credit or non-credit division. A temporary account is also necessary for non-CCAC presenters invited to the campus for classroom or professional development activities who need to log in to the campus network in order to present.

Please consult the document Specialty Account Information for specific directions on requesting temporary accounts.

Guest Accounts

Guest accounts may be created for:

  • Students having problems creating a CCAC username
  • Employees experiencing delays in obtaining their employee network account
  • Special visitors to the CCAC campus 

The person requesting the guest account must provide their Colleague ID number, their driver's license number, or some other government or institutional photo ID. The identification number will be entered into the CCAC Account database. Guest accounts are active for up to two weeks. To request a guest account:

CCAC ITS ServiceDesk

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