• Payment Options

    This information applies to credit students. Community Education and Professional Development students will have different payment options.

    There are many convenient options for students to pay their tuition. Whether paying in cash, writing a check or using a credit card, specific details may apply. Students may enroll in the CCAC tuition payment plan through the new Student Account Center. Third-party sponsorships are an additional option. For specific details about the various payment options, use the links on the left. 

    CCAC offers scholarships, grants, work and loan programs. Check with your Financial Aid office for further information.

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    • Paying online
    • Paying with cash
    • Paying by check
    • Paying by credit card
    • Online tuition payment plan
    • Third party sponsor option
  • Pay Online

    Visit the new Online Student Account Center to make a payment by credit or debit card as well as ACH (eCheck) from a checking or savings account.  Don't wait in line…go online to make your payment.  It's quick and convenient and available 24x7!

    *NEW - International and Domestic Online Wire Payment Option, click here for details.

    Pay with Cash

    • Pay by cash in person only at one of these CCAC locations: Allegheny, Boyce, North, South or West Hills Center.
    • Do NOT mail cash.
    • Centers (Braddock Hills, Homewood-Brushton, Washington Center) do not accept cash or credit cards. Payment must be made with check or money order only. 

    Pay by Check

    • Make all checks payable to CCAC.
    • Postdated checks are not accepted. 
    • A stopped payment on a check is not an official 'drop' or 'withdrawal' from the college.
    • The college charges $25.00 for returned checks. 
    • If you write a returned check, your check writing privileges at the college may be revoked.
    • The college requires the student's ID number on all checks. The student ID number is your college identification number.
    • Students who have been notified by the college that their checks have been returned must pay by cash, money order, cashier's check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card. 
    • The college waits 15 calendar days on all check payments prior to releasing refunds and may restrict other services.
    • Checks made payable to an individual cannot be endorsed to the college.


    Payments can be made 24x7 through our online Student Account Center. Log in through MyCCAC and click on the ‘Pay Your Bill’ icon. If you prefer to mail in a check, payments are accepted at the following locations:

    Student Accounts Office
    CCAC Allegheny Campus
    808 Ridge Ave
    Pittsburgh PA 15212-6097   
    Student Accounts Office
    CCAC Boyce Campus
    595 Beatty Rd
    Monroeville PA 15146-1396   
    Student Accounts Office
    CCAC North Campus
    8701 Perry Hwy
    Pittsburgh PA 15237-5353   
    Student Accounts Office
    CCAC South Campus
    1750 Clairton Rd
    West Mifflin PA 15122-3029

  • Pay by Credit Card

    • VISA, MasterCard, Discover & American Express are accepted.
    • Accepted in person with credit card, by mail or by calling your respective Student Accounts office weekdays during regular business hours.
    • Registrations paid by credit card will be refunded to the same credit card on record with the college if a course is dropped or canceled.
  • Tuition Payment Plan

    CCAC's tuition payment plan is designed to make the college's affordable, quality education even more accessible to members of the community.

    Online Tuition Payment Plan Now Available

    Spread the cost of tuition and fees over a term by enrolling in the CCAC Tuition Payment Plan. Visit the new online Student Account Center today for more information and to enroll!

    The CCAC Tuition Payment Plan helps families budget the cost of tuition and fees by spreading out the cost over monthly installments during the term. Enrollment is now available exclusively online and its fast, secure, convenient, and inexpensive!

    Fast – Enrolling is the CCAC Tuition Payment Plan is easy. Simply go to the new online Student Account Center, choose the available semester plan, and enroll.

    Secure – Pay online using a credit card or electronic check, knowing your information is secured using industry leading security features. You can even schedule your payments in advance to avoid missed payments and unnecessary late fees.

    Convenient – Need to know if your plan has changed? Check your email. Our new online payment plan will notify you anytime your installments increase or decrease. Want to make a payment during a study break at the library? No problem. Access your online payment plan on the new online Student Account Center anywhere, anytime you have a web browser available – even on your mobile device!

    Inexpensive – Enrollment in the CCAC Tuition Payment Plan is absolutely free, making it an inexpensive alternative to a student loan or high interest alternative loan.


    Our fall tuition payment plan involves a 20 percent down payment and four additional installments.  The installment due dates for fall are:  September 5, October 5, November 5, and December 5, 2019.

    Our summer tuition payment plan involves a 33 percent down payment and two additional installments. The installment due dates for summer are: June 5 and July 5, 2019.

  • Third-Party Sponsor Payment

    Organizations responsible for employee or client tuition payments may pay tuition and fees using a third-party authorization contract or with a company check made payable to CCAC.

    Blank third-party authorization contracts are available when students register. They also may be obtained by calling the Student Accounts Office on the appropriate campus, or download the Third Party Contract Form.

    The following third-party payment conditions apply:

    • Students must be an employee or client of the financially responsible company or agency. 
    • The contract is between the college and the company or agency. Any agreements between students and the company or agency have no bearing on this contract. 
    • All sponsorship forms or company checks must be in the Student Accounts Office by tuition due dates. 
    • Students must submit a new sponsor form each semester.
    • If for some reason a student's sponsor fails to pay charges upon receipt of bill, the student will be responsible for all charges. 
    • Qualified sponsored students are eligible for bookstore charge authorizations. Charges are available during the first three weeks of the 16-week term (fall/spring only). Summer charge periods are shorter. To utilize the authorization, go to the bookstore where the course is held, except Online Learning (OL) courses.  Online Learning books are processed through the Allegheny Campus only.

    The college will only bill for those charges not covered by other funding sources. If other funding sources become available after the third-party has been billed, their bill will be adjusted. If other funding sources become available after the third-party has paid, the third-party will be refunded.

  • Course Search, Payment and Registration

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    Search for classes. Online registration is available to current students taking classes for credit, in good academic and financial standing. 

    Download a printable Registration Form.