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Billing Information

Student Account Billing

By registering for classes or processing a registration transaction, a student becomes financially responsible for all related tuition and fee charges as detailed in the CCAC Student Financial Responsibility Agreement.  Not attending registered courses does not alleviate a student’s financial responsibility.  Adjustment of tuition and fee charges for dropped classes will be in accordance with the College drop refund policy.  

Billing of tuition and fees to the student account is an automated, electronic process that is driven by a student’s registration transaction.  In an effort to be environmentally friendly and maintain costs, the College no longer distributes paper-billing statements by U.S. postal mail.  All student account billing statements are made available electronically through the Online Student Account Center.  Notifications of eBill statements are issued to the student’s official CCAC academic email.  A personal email address may be added to the student profile within the Online Student Account Center.
 Login to the Online Student Account Center 

Past Due Accounts

A student account is considered past due if an amount remains unpaid after a tuition payment deadline or tuition payment plan due date.  The College has a comprehensive billing process to collect past due accounts that includes regular billing, late payment fee assessment, financial holds, pre-collection activity, and professional collection agency services. 

  • Late Payment Fees are assessed monthly on unpaid balances.
  • A financial hold is placed on a past due account following the drop/add period each semester. With a financial hold, a student may not register for future classes or receive official transcripts. 
  • CCAC partners with ECSI Recovery Select, an account management and pre-collection billing service to manage past due student accounts and perform pre-collection activities. Students will have the option to work with ECSI to create a special payment arrangement or make a one-time payment to satisfy the balance.  Contact ECSI toll free at 1-844-454-6100.  NOTE:  Students who set up special payment arrangements with ECSI RecoverySelect will continue to have a financial hold on their account until paid in full.  With a financial hold, a student may not register for future classes or receive official transcripts. 
  • Accounts that remain past due without formal payment arrangements after 90 days are subject to assignment to the College’s designated collection agency. It is the student’s responsibility to work with the assigned collection agency to resolve the balance owed. 
  • All past due accounts assigned to a collection agency are reported to the national credit bureau.
  • CCAC does not settle on accounts; students are responsible for payment of the full balance.
  • All financial obligations including past due student accounts are considered an extension of credit, which constitutes an educational loan, or educational benefit that is non-dischargeable under Section 523(a)(8) of the United States Bankruptcy Code.