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Drop Refund Policy

By registering for classes or processing a registration transaction, a student becomes financially responsible for all related tuition and fee charges as detailed in the CCAC Student Financial Responsibility Agreement. If you experience a change in plans and choose not to take class(es), you must contact the Registration and Advising office and follow specific registration procedures to officially drop your registration before the first day of the term to avoid being charged.  Not attending registered courses does not alleviate a student’s financial responsibility. 

A student may receive an adjustment for the semester's tuition and fee charges if he/she completes the official drop process through the Registration office.  Adjustment of tuition and fee charges for dropped class(es) will be in accordance with College drop policy which states:

  • Students who drop classes before the start of the term, CCAC will drop 100% of tuition and eligible fees.
  • Students who drop from the first day of the term to the 14% point of the term, CCAC will drop 80% of tuition and 100% of eligible fees.
  • Students who drop after the 14% of the term, CCAC will not drop any tuition/fee charges and the student remains financially responsible for all charges.

Students should refer to the Academic Calendar for specific drop date information.

In cases of course cancellation by the college, an adjustment equal to 100 percent of tuition and fees will be given.  Students suspended for academic or disciplinary reasons, and found to be in violation of established college policy, will not be entitled to a refund of tuition and fees.