• CCAC Placement Testing

    Once you have applied and have been accepted to CCAC, you can schedule a placement test. First-time students are also required to complete a Student Orientation prior to registration for classes.

    Because CCAC is an open-admissions institution, college entrance examinations (such as the SAT) are not required for admission. However, in order to evaluate your educational background, CCAC administers the Accuplacer Placement Tests. The tests are designed to measure your skills in writing, reading, and mathematics, and will help you and determine which courses are most appropriate for you.

    Although you cannot fail, you should try to do your best. The results of the tests will determine where you will begin your studies at CCAC. In some cases, you may be exempted from some or all parts of the placement test.

  • Schedule a Placement Test Today!

    Placement Test
    • On Site Placement Testing: The Accuplacer placement test is offered locally at most CCAC locations. You can schedule your test online.
    • ADA On Site Placement Testing: Accommodations are available for students with documented disabilities. For details, Contact Supportive Services
    • ESL Placement Testing: Placement Testing is available for those students whose first language is not English. Please call the International Students Office at 412.237.2629 for more information.
    • Remote Placement Testing: Remote placement testing is available to applicants outside CCAC's geographic region. To learn how to sign up for a Remote Placement Test, please see the Remote Placement Testingpage.
  • Placement Test Exemptions

    You may not need to take all or part of the placement tests if any of the following circumstances apply to you:

    • Students who submit an official high school transcript with an unweighted cumulative GPA of 2.8 or better (or 78% for schools with a percentile grading system) are exempt from taking the English and Reading placement tests. Students must have graduated from high school within 5 years of the date the transcript is submitted to be eligible. International, home school and GED documentation are not accepted under this exemption. (Effective Spring 2018)
    • You already have a college degree.
    • You have already taken college-level English and/or mathematics with a grade of "C" or better.
    • You plan to register for a class or classes that have no specified skill requirements.
    • Students with SAT or ACT Verbal test scores above the 50th percentile will be exempt from the reading placement testing, but still must take the English writing test (there is no SAT/ACT exemption for English.) Verbal and mathematics scores are reported separately.
    • Students with SAT or ACT Math scores above the 50th percentile will be exempt from developmental math courses, but must complete the placement test if intending to take a course above the Intermediate Algebra MAT-108 level. Verbal and mathematics scores are reported separately.
    • A student may re-test for placement out of a course in which he/she was enrolled after four years.
    • Once a student has re-tested after four years and scores into the same course(s) for which he/she was enrolled, there is no further alternative, regardless of the results.
    • If English is not your first language, you need to schedule the Accuplacer ESL Placement Test by contacting the Office of International Students at 412.237.2629. This test will better assess your English language reading and writing skills.
    • Students with documented disabilities are eligible for modified testing. Speak to the placement test scheduler if you have any questions.

    You will need to document these circumstances at the Admissions Office when you apply for admission to the College.

  • Placement Testing Tips

    • Placement tests are free. 
    • You may retake each test once.
    • Tests subjects are English vocabulary and usage, mathematics and reading comprehension.
    • Placement tests are offered at regular times throughout the year, with extra testing sessions scheduled prior to each registration.
    • Early testing means early registration: the sooner you test, the better your chances of getting into the courses you want to take.
    • The length of time required to take the placement tests varies, depending on how many of the tests you need to take. The complete set of tests requires about 1-1/2 to 2 hours. All materials you will need to take the tests will be provided when you come to the test session.
    • Your responsibility is to arrive well rested, calm, and on time. Test results are available to you shortly after you have taken the tests.
    • Test results will be interpreted for you when you meet with your academic advisor.
    • Along with your educational record, test results will determine your initial placement in English, Mathematics and reading skills classes.
    • Practice prior to your appointment. Accuplacer offers numerous free resources to help you prepare. Test descriptions, sample test questions, free interactive study app, Writeplacer ESL Guide and more are available at Prepare for Accuplacer
      If taking a mathematics test, we recommend that you also practice at the following websites:Cool MathPurple MathKhan Academy.