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College Policies and Regulations

The CCAC Policy Manual sets forth the Board of Trustees-approved policies that govern the operation of the institution. The Board of Trustees approves Board Policies as outlined in the Board of Trustees Bylaws. Board Policy represents the voice of the Board of Trustees and defines the general goals and acceptable practices for the operation of the College. It implements federal and state laws and regulations, and sets forth the Board s philosophies, expectations and priorities. The Board of Trustees, through policy, delegates authority to and through the College President to govern the College.

The College President and the College s administration are responsible to reasonably interpret Board Policy and other relevant laws and regulations that govern the operation of the College. Administrative Regulations describe the manner in which Board Policies and other legal requirements applicable to the College will be implemented, and are developed and revised, as needed, by the administration with the approval of the College President. Administrative Regulations do not require Board of Trustee action.

The Policy Manual and the Administrative Regulations promulgated thereunder do not represent a contract between the Community College of Allegheny County and any employee, student or third-party. Rather, the policies and regulations that they contain, along with other published administrative regulations, procedures or handbooks, constitutes a good-faith effort to outline the policies, rules, regulations and procedures currently in force at the College.

Policies and Regulations

In order to search for a specific word or term in the Policy Manual, simply open document and click "Ctrl+F" and the word search panel will display.

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Administrative regulations set forth rules and procedures which interpret Board of Trustee Policies and describe the manner in which those Policies will be implemented at the College and at each of its campuses and centers. Administrative regulations are developed and revised, as needed, by the administration and approved by the College President.