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Admission Procedures for Medical Assistant

If you would like more information about the Medical Assisting program or to request an Application Packet, contact Beverly Brady

Admission Requirements

Students interested in admission to the Medical Assisting Program, must first complete the certificate program. For consideration students must have:

  1. acceptance to CCAC;
  2. placement tests (e.g. Reading, Writing, Mathematics); and
  3. any required Developmental coursework*.

A separate application must be made for consideration into the MDA program. Enrollment is limited. The program accepts applications in the Spring for the upcoming Fall semester. 

* Applicants must be eligible for college-level courses or have completed ENG 101L, MAT 090 and DVS 101 or DVS 103 with a minimum GPA 2.0 or higher.

The Allied Health programs establish technical standards and essential functions to insure that students have the abilities required to participate and potentially be successful in all aspects of the respective programs. Students are required to meet the MDA Essential Functions for the program. Satisfactory completion of the MDA Program and successful employment following graduation demands your ability to meet the requirements. If you are uncertain as to your ability with any of these essential functions, please consult with the MDA Program Director.