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Academic Programs and Disciplines

CCAC Online Caltalog Logo 2019-2020Many of CCAC's academic programs are designed to prepare you for employment in a certain field. To make it easier for you to get an education that suits your particular career goals, all of our programs are listed here by career path. CCAC has nearly 160 degree programs in over 100 disciplines of study.

The CCAC Online Catalog contains the valuable information of the printed CCAC catalog that you are used to with the added ability to browse or search for courses, programs and departments. Here you will find the requirements for each program that you can print, advising information and everything you need to help you begin or continue your academic career at CCAC.

CCAC's academic programs can lead you to an Associate Degree, a certificate, transfer to a four-year institution and more. For more information, read our credentials: degree, certificate and diploma explanation page.


Transfer Programs

If you are looking to earn a bachelor's degree, you'll find that CCAC is a great place to start. Transfer programs correspond to specific majors at four-year institutions, and each major has its own requirements. To be sure students are meeting requirements for the major and school to which they intend to transfer, we urge them to meet as early as possible with a transfer counselor.

View the list of Transfer Programs at CCAC.

Limited Enrollment Programs

Admission to CCAC does not constitute admission to a limited enrollment or specialty program. Students interested in pursuing one of these programs should discuss the admission requirements with an academic advisor and the program coordinator.

View the listing of current Limited Enrollment and Specialty Programs at CCAC.

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