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Nursing Admissions

Nursing Information Session

Join us for information about the pre-requisites for the Nursing program, the TEAS test, the Nursing application process and hear frequently asked questions and answers. Click one of the dates below to attend a Zoom meeting.

Thursday, March 3, 2022 from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Saturday, March 12, 2022 from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Tuesday, March 22, 2022 from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Nursing Announcements

 The Nursing Admission Application Deadline has been extended again to Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 11:59 pm.  All required documentation and prerequisites will need to be completed and submitted by this date for consideration.  This includes ALL official transcripts, TEAS test results, a CCAC General application, and a CCAC Nursing application.  Students applying by this deadline will be reviewed after the “priority” and “general” applicants and will be accepted based on seat availability. 

Please be aware that all applications are submitted through the application  Applicants MUST use a computer to complete the application, other devices may not show the Nursing application option.  Pay particular attention to the instructions listed under the text below: 


Failure to follow ALL of the instructions may result in your application being rejected. 


Effective July 1, 2022, all students enrolled in the CCAC Nursing Program will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. New students applying for admission after this date will be required to provide proof of fully vaccinated status as a condition of admission into the program. Students may apply for an exemption from this vaccine requirement for medical reasons or for reasons based on a sincerely held religious belief. Students seeking an exemption are advised that participation in and successful completion of clinical experiences at third party clinical locations is a required part of the program’s curriculum, and that approval of an exemption from the College does not guarantee that the exemption can be accommodated by any of the College’s clinical partners. Students who cannot attend a clinical site or otherwise complete the clinical requirements of the program due to their vaccination status will not be eligible to complete the program or graduate.

* ACT 53 - New legislation has been signed into law by Governor Wolf which impacts licensure processes and procedures. This legislation governs the PA State Department's Bureau of Occupational and Professional Affairs and its 29 Boards and Commissions.

In accordance with Act 53, part of the stipulations for The State Board of Nursing is to publish a complete schedule of offenses that will be used in consideration of a licensure application and also to establish a procedure for preliminary determinations for those with charges and convictions.

Thus, students interested in applying for the nursing program (or any program that leads to a career in which a license is required) may now ask the PA State Board of Nursing for a preliminary determination prior to applying to the nursing program to ensure that their criminal background check will not prohibit them from being licensed by the state. This is optional but is available to any individual who may choose this route. It is available now.

For more on ACT 53, please read the ACT 53 Best Practices Guide. (The schedule of offenses for the Board of Nursing begins on Page 46).

Instructions for those who seek preliminary determinations.

Please note: Educational Programs still have discretion over who is admitted based on their own policies and contracts with clinical facilities.

* Technology Requirements for the Nursing Program:
As part of the admission requirements, all applicants must now have a desktop or laptop readily available upon admission to the nursing program. Due to COVID restrictions, nursing courses will be supplemented with additional online coursework, class time and modified testing procedures which require a personal computer to be readily available to the student.

* Application Assistance: Students experiencing technical difficulty with the application should contact the CCAC Help Desk at 412-237-8700 or

Students interested in applying must be accepted to the general college and have a student ID number. The process requires two separate applications (General and Nursing).

All applicants must meet all admission criteria by the deadline of the application period for which they are applying. Transcripts, exams scores, etc. must be on file with the CCAC registration office by that same deadline.

Students admitted into the program are admitted tentatively. Admission to the program is not fully granted until students pass a criminal background check, drug testing, a physical and other clinical requirements. The Nursing department cannot pre-review any charges. Please check our Criminal Offense Chart for guidance.


  1. Please visit If you do not have an account through Discover, create an account and complete the process. Hint: This is not the CCAC Student Portal!!

  2. Please be sure to enter correct contact information. (CCAC student email accounts all end in

  3. Log in. Change the password if you are unable to recall it. If you are locked out of your account, contact one of our general Admissions Offices for assistance.

  4. Choose “Create a New Application”

  5. Choose “Click Here to Begin a Nursing Application”

  6. Under Enrollment Information, select “Fall 2022 > Nursing/Allied Health Applications > Nursing Applicant." Be sure that the enrollment term that you selected earlier also matches the anticipated entry term box that you will select later on in the form.

  7. Select your nursing track: There are two options: “RN” or “LPN – RN”. Important!: If you are an LPN looking to apply for the LPN-RN Transition Program, you must choose the appropriate track. Otherwise you will be evaluated as a general, first year student.

  8. Be sure to input your correct Student ID. Applicants with missing or incorrect IDs may not be located in the system which may result in their removal from consideration.

  9. Complete the nursing application and submit.

  10. An email confirmation specifically stating that you have applied to the nursing program and that your application is under review, will be sent automatically. All applicants will receive this confirmation. If you believe that you have applied but have not received this email, please contact You may also request assistance from another staff member who may also reach out on your behalf.

Applicants should utilize the nursing checklist to help organize themselves during the application process. Additionally, all applicants should review the appropriate nursing flow chart and read the Nursing Information Packet to familiarize themselves with the admission guidelines and other pertinent information about the program.

Campus options available for Fall 2022 admission:

NUR 110/120 (General, First Year) NUR 130/140 (LPN-RN)
Allegheny (day & eve/weekend) Allegheny (day & eve/weekend)
Boyce Fast Track (eve/weekend)
Boyce (day)
  CAL U (day) 
North (day & eve/weekend)  
South (day & eve/weekend)  

Please note: ALL applicants are required to take the TEAS exam by the application deadline. This includes LPN-RN Transition Applicants applying for advanced placement. Students must receive a composite score of 58.7% or higher.

Please see the new schedule under the "TEST OF ESSENTIAL ACADEMIC SKILLS" Section below.

For more information about the TEAS exam and how to register for it, please review the Important FAQs about the TEAS.

Applying to the Nursing Program is a two-step process. Interested individuals must first apply to CCAC via the general application.

Students will then be required to provide official transcripts to the college, take placement tests as required, meet with an academic advisor and then complete the appropriate coursework. Once all admission criteria have been met, students may submit a nursing program application during one of the two designated application periods.

Get started today by contacting one of our enrollment services offices.

Applicants must submit a completed application package no later than 11:59 pm on the date of the deadline. Use the application checklist for assistance. Completed applications will be evaluated for the following:

All prerequisites must be met successfully prior to the application deadline for the semester in which the student is applying. Coursework that has not been completed by the application deadline will not be considered during the evaluation process.

Biology - Applicants must have completed a COLLEGE LEVEL biology/lab course with a grade of "C" or better prior to applying to the nursing program.

  • Completing BIO-110 or another acceptable biology course with a grade of "C" or better. Students should verify if a course is acceptable with the advising and registration offices.

  • AP Biology/lab course with a grade of "C" or better AND a score of 3 or higher on the College Board exam.

  • CCAC Biology Waiver Exam - Minimum score of 70.

Chemistry - Applicants must have completed chemistry/lab course with a grade of "C" or better prior to applying to the nursing program.

  • High school chemistry courses may only be used in the absence of a college level chemistry course.

  • If the student has completed a college level chemistry at any time after high school, the college level chemistry grade will be used for review. IF this grade is below a "C", the student must repeat the course PRIOR to applying to the nursing program.

 - Applicants must be eligible to register for English-101 by the application deadline in order to be considered for admission. Eligibility may be established by any one of the following:

  • Having earned a C or better in a college level English course at CCAC or another accredited college or university;

  • SAT/ ACT* reading scores of 510/21, respectively AND having achieved the requisite score on CCAC s writing placement test;

  • Having completed all prescribed developmental English and Reading coursework with a grade or "C" or better. This includes ESL reading, writing and grammar;

  • Satisfactory CLEP* exam score

*Please note that SAT/ACT and CLEP exam scores must be submitted to the college prior to the application deadline order to be used in the nursing program evaluation process.

 - Applicants must be eligible to register for MAT-108 -Intermediate Algebra or MAT-106 Mathematics for Health Science in order to be considered for admission. Eligibility may be established by any one of the following:

  • Having completed a college level math course. Please note that mathematics courses are not

    • SAT/ACT mathematics scores of 520/21, respectively;

    • Having completed all prescribed developmental mathematics coursework with a grade of "C" or better.

LPN - RN Transition
: In addition to the aforementioned prerequisites, LPN-RN Transition applicants must ALSO have successfully completed:

  • BIO-161 - Anatomy and Physiology 1

  • MAT-108 - Intermediate Algebra OR MAT-106 - Mathematics for Health Sciences

  • PSY-101 - Introduction to Psychology

All applicants must meet the following GPA requirements:

  1. A cumulative 2.8 GPA minimum for a student who has earned 12 or more CCAC college level credits at the time of application

  2. A 2.8 GPA for a student who has not earned 12 or more CCAC credits but has earned 12 or more college level credits at other post-secondary institutions (this GPA will be a composite score representing all institutions attended)

  3. A 3.0 GPA minimum from the secondary school (high school) for a student who meets all other criteria but has earned less than 12 college level credits at a two- or four-year post-secondary institution(s).

To be considered for admission:
  • Students must have earned a "C" grade or better in all prerequisite coursework. Please see "Prerequisites" section above. If a prerequisite course is not successfully completed by the third attempt, the student will not be considered for admission. Attempts include withdrawals and incompletes at all institutions attended.
  • If taken prior to application, Anatomy and Physiology 1Anatomy and Physiology 2, and Microbiology, MUST also have been completed with a "C" grade or better. If a science course is not successfully completed by the third attempt, the student will not be considered for admission. Attempts include withdrawals and incompletes at all institutions attended.

Beginning with the Fall 2016 admission period, all students applying for entry into NUR-110/120 must pass the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) with an Adjusted Individual Total Score of 58.7%. The TEAS is a pre-admission exam used throughout the U.S. and internationally designed to determine the readiness of students to enter nursing and allied health fields.

As of June 2016, LPN-RN Transition applicants planning to enter NUR 130/140 are required to take the TEAS exam.

Students must register for the TEAS exam via www.atitesting.comTEAS exam scores are good for two years from the date the exam was taken.

Important FAQs about the TEAS

Important TEAS Updates

  1. Exam dates can be found below. All CCAC exams are currently running in the remote format and are listed under the Allegheny Campus on the ATI site. Please enter Pittsburgh, PA in the city and state sections of the ATI search feature to find all remote exams at CCAC.

  2. Remote Exams: All students taking the remote proctored exam must read the TEAS Student Quick Start Guide. Pay particular attention to the technical requirements!! Also, please watch the video provided by ATI. Your proctor will email you the necessary Assessment IDs the day of the exam. Please be keep watch of your emails for information from your proctor. That is the only means of communication that you will have with them.

  3. Fee Increase: There is an additional $5 cost for ATI TEAS exams offered remotely. The cost is $92 + tax.

  4. On site exams will be forthcoming as social distancing protocols are established and implemented on campus.

  5. Special Accommodations: Any student who needs special accommodations for the TEAS must apply to CCAC via the general application and then contact the Office of Supportive Services at one of the four campus locations. There, you will be instructed on how to provide documentation and receive approval. Once an accommodation is established, the supportive services staff must email the Director of Nursing Admissions to explain and confirm the accommodation. Extended time cannot be provided for evening exams, thus all students seeking special accommodations may test during any of the Saturday exams. However, extended time cannot be provided for evening exams. Please begin this process well in advance of your intended testing date and plan accordingly. The process cannot be hastened or bypassed.

Spring 2022 TEAS remote exam session dates: (additional remote and on site exams forthcoming).

**Exams are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis and have limited enrollment. All remote exams are capped at 40. On site exams are capped according to the room size and social distancing measures which will likely be between 12 and 20 students.

Date Time Format
Thursday, April 28, 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Saturday, April 30, 2022 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Saturday, May 7, 2022 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Thursday, May 12, 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Monday, May 16, 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Wednesday, May 18, 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Saturday, May 21, 2022 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Wednesday, May 25, 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Friday, May 27, 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Tuesday, May 31, 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Thursday, Jun. 2, 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Monday, Jun. 6, 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Thursday, Jun. 9, 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Saturday, Jun. 11, 2022 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Tuesday, Jun. 14, 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Tuesday, Jun. 21, 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Wednesday, Jun. 22, 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Monday, Jun. 27, 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Remote (taken at home)
Wednesday, Jun. 29, 2022 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Remote (taken at home)

Preliminary admission decisions are made on the basis of academic merit as described by our admission policies. However, all of the admission decisions are contingent on the satisfactory and timely completion of criminal background checks, immunizations, physicals, drug testing, and other requirements. After confirming their seat, accepted students will receive a package with detailed instructions on how and when to complete registration processes, clearances, medical information, etc. approximately 3 weeks after the initial offer letter. Please do not begin this process prior to receiving an official packet from your campus.

An unsatisfactory background check, inability to complete the requirements by the designated deadline, or the failure to report to mandatory registration and orientation meetings will result in the revocation of the admission offer. Students will be notified of the decision and will be instructed on whether or not they are eligible to re-apply at a later point in time.

Prospective applicants should utilize the Criminal Offense Chart for guidance