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Criminal Justice and Homeland Security

This program prepares students to work in the dynamic fields of law enforcement and corrections. It also enables those already employed in these fields to gain advanced training. Students have the option of choosing one of the following career tracks: law enforcement, corrections or computer forensics.

The law enforcement option prepares students for careers as police officers working in municipal police departments, county sheriff departments or state highway patrol stations.

The corrections option prepares students to work as correctional officers or prison guards with the goal of maintaining the security of individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or who have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to serve time in a jail, reformatory or penitentiary.

The computer forensics option offers the specialized and cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills necessary for work as computer forensic examiners/technicians, analysts and auditors in law enforcement agencies, or private environment security.

Criminal Justice Programs at CCAC

criminology lab

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