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CCAC Emergency Alerts

IMPORTANT: Effective May 20, 2019, the @CCACAlerts emergency Twitter account is being fully replaced by the Rave Alerts system as the college's official emergency alerts notification system. Follow the steps below to ensure that your student or employee account is configured to receive emergency alerts and notifications.

In the event of an emergency or urgent campus closure due to weather or other issues, CCAC uses the Rave Mobile Safety emergency alerts system to send push notifications to students and staff. This alerts system, in conjunction with the free Rave Guardian phone app, allow us to instantaneously message students and staff via voice, email and text with important emergency information and instructions.

What to Do

CCAC Students & Staff

CCAC staff and students are automatically enrolled in the service through their CCAC student or employee accounts there is no additional sign up process needed.

To make sure you receive these alerts at your preferred phone number and email address, login to your MyCCAC account, go to your User Profile under the Student or Employee section of CCAC Self-Service and double check that the contact information on file is accurate and that your primary contact number type is set to Cellular.

To confirm that you consent to receive texts, login to MyCCAC, click on Rave Alerts in the Quick Links menu to the right and follow the screen prompts to confirm that you wish to receive texts. You may not receive text alerts until this has been completed, though you will still receive email and voice alerts.

CCAC Visitors or Families of Students

Anyone who doesn't have an active CCAC student or employee account can still sign up to receive text alerts from CCAC, but not voice or email alerts.

To sign up for SMS text alerts, text CCACALERTS to 67283.

CCACALERTS doesn't need to be all caps, but it does need to be one word. If done correctly, you will receive text confirmation that you are signed up to receive CCAC Alerts texts.

What to Expect

In the event of a pre-emptive weather closure or delay, CCAC will distribute alerts via email, text and voice phone call/voicemail to the primary email and phone numbers listed in the student or employee profiles.

Note: We make every effort to send these types of communications out as early as possible so that students with long commutes can plan accordingly. If there is bad weather being forecast, those without early morning classes may want to silence their phones the night before.

Alerts will also be posted to the CCAC website and MyCCAC portal, the CCAC Facebook, as well as reported to the local TV and radio news stations for broadcast. If you did not receive a text alert, you can check any of these other locations to verify whether the college is closed. You may also receive a Rave Guardian app notification in an emergency, do not contact security in the Rave Guardian app for non-emergencies.

In the event of a midday closure due to weather, facilities issues or emergency situations, alerts will also appear on all CCAC networked computers and on digital signage on campus. Follow the directions posted in the alert as relevant to the situation.

In an emergency situation, information may also be broadcast on the campus emergency announcement speakers.