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Supportive Services for Students with Disabilities

Do you have questions or require assistance from the Office of Supportive Services?

The Office of Supportive Services is available remotely! All are welcome to join a virtual chat session.  Simply click the link below to join:

Monday through Friday 2:00 - 3:00pm

The Office of Supportive Services provides reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the guidelines of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Students with disabilities must self-identify by completing the Interview Form. In addition to the interview forms, the Request for Release of Confidential Information form should be completed. Once these forms are completed, they should be turned into the Supportive Services office of the campus the student will be attending. At that time, the students should request an intake appointment. Intake appointments can be requested by calling or emailing the Supportive Services Office of the campus you plan to attend (see below).

Documentation of your disability should be provided to the Supportive Services Office prior to the intake appointment, if at all possible, so it can be reviewed prior to the appointment. Documentation requirements can be found on the CCAC Documentation Requirements page. If you do not have documentation or are not sure how to obtain this information, you can call the Supportive Services Office at the campus you plan on attending or you may ask this question at the intake appointment.

At the intake appointment the student and the Director will discuss functional limitations related to the disability, historical accommodations will be reviewed and the documentation provided will be examined. Through the interactive process, the Director and the student will evaluate requested accommodations and determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations for the student.

Once accommodations are determined, students are required to request their accommodation letters every semester. The letters are usually available within 24 hours of the request. The letters must then be picked up in the Supportive Services Office at the campus they will be attending. The student should deliver a copy of the letter and testing instructions to each of their professors. At this time, they should also discuss their accommodations with their professor.

Reasonable and appropriate accommodations can include low distraction exams, extended time for exams and a variety of non-technical and technological solutions. Students who need digital recorders or smart pens may be able to borrow this equipment from the Supportive Services Office, which is available on a first come, first serve basis and must be requested each semester. To request or borrow equipment complete the Equipment Loan Contract Form and return it to the Supportive Services Office on the campus you plan to attend.

Kurzweil, a text to speech software program that allows students to highlight important information, make notes and pull this information into a study guide, is available for students who qualify for this accommodation. Supportive Services will assign students who qualify for this accommodation a username and password. Kurzweil is available on all student computers at the College and the technology can also be accessed from home computers and laptops.

Students may also need electronic textbooks. E-texts can be requested by completing the E-text Agreement Form, submitting proof of purchase of the book (receipts) then sending the request and receipts to the Supportive Services campus the student plans on attending. Once the request is completed someone from the Supportive Service Office will be in contact to discuss delivery options. You may also reach out to the Supportive Services Office at the campus you will be attending to follow-up on your request.

To review more detailed information about Supportive Services and the services this office provides, please see the Supportive Services Student Manual.