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Nonprofit Professional Development Academy

The Nonprofit Academy is an umbrella program that encompasses the Nonprofit Professional Mini-Expo Training series and a variety of non-credit classes geared toward the nonprofit sector. All courses are designed to offer training that can assist your organization with attaining its goals.

Here participants will get real-time, hands-on use of the computer, Internet and social marketing sites to enhance your organization. CCAC is aware of the economic challenges facing the nation today. All courses are set up to offer training that can bring results and effectiveness in obtaining your organization's goals. Our classes are set up to be affordable for individuals and organizations.

Nonprofit Professional Mini-training Expo

This 16-hour/four consecutive Saturday course is intended for nonprofit professionals and those interested in a career in nonprofit development. The course is designed to introduce the student to the many local grant makers and their missions, to begin relationship building by introducing the student to potential sources for funding and identify information via the Internet and published resources. This four-week course will include an overview of charitable gifts, fundraising basics and how to begin writing a winning grant proposal.

Grant Writers Series

Grants are very important to the survival of your nonprofit organization. Hiring a grant writing professional is great if your organization can afford it. Even so, knowing some grant writing techniques are beneficial. Having a representative from your organization with a knowledgeable point of view, even beginning the proposals, is much more helpful than having a consultant write the entire proposal. Having grant writing knowledge could be a very big asset and makes for a better collaboration if you indeed do hire a professional down the road. Besides having a very good handle on your organization's "grant" future, having skills in grant writing will make someone more marketable when job seeking.

Volunteer Management Program

CCAC is committed to providing fundamental volunteer management training to every person directing volunteer services in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our classes provide means for hiring, retaining and appreciating volunteers so they become a valuable part of your staff.

Contact the offices of the Nonprofit Academy:

Mary Jo Guercio
College Director, Community Training and Development

Susan Kennedy
Program Coordinator

Linda Hickman