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Meet the Faculty: Matthew Kisow

Matthew Kisow

Matthew Kisow


Associate Professor, Computer & Information Technology


Year Joined CCAC



Courses Currently Teaching

Linux System Administration
Network Routing and Switching
Networking Concepts
Principals of Cybersecurity


Most Memorable CCAC Experience

My most memorable CCAC experience has been the interactions with students who have approached me to express their appreciation for the labs I have designed. On multiple occasions, students have approached me to share their thoughts, saying things like, "Your labs have really challenged me" and "Your labs have made me think, and I appreciate that!"

These encounters have left a lasting impact on me because they validate my effort and dedication to creating engaging and thought-provoking learning experiences. Knowing that my labs have challenged students and encouraged them to think critically brings me great fulfillment as an educator.

Seeing students actively engaged and stimulated by the labs and exercises I've designed is incredibly rewarding. It reinforces my belief that hands-on, interactive learning experiences profoundly impact students' understanding and growth. It motivates me to continue developing innovative labs that inspire and challenge students, pushing them to expand their knowledge and skills.

These moments of student appreciation remind me of the impact I can have as an educator. It fuels my passion for teaching and encourages me to continually strive for excellence in designing educational activities that transmit knowledge and spark curiosity and critical thinking.


Why I Teach What I Teach

I teach because my passion lies in computers, networking and technology. This enthusiasm drives me to share my knowledge and expertise with others, allowing them to explore and excel in these fields.

One of the reasons I teach is that I believe in fostering a cycle of innovation and progress, imparting my knowledge to students, and providing them with a foundation upon which they can build and contribute to their future classes and careers. It is gratifying to witness their growth and accomplishments as they apply the concepts they've learned, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the ever-evolving world of technology.

My unique and diverse career in industry and education enriches my teaching approach. As a lifelong learner myself, I understand the importance of hands-on experience. Being a kinesthetic learner, I know that more than simply reading books on network engineering and cybersecurity is needed to absorb knowledge effectively. Therefore, I strive to create an engaging and interactive learning environment for my students.

In the classroom, I teach using the methods that have proven successful. I develop tools, labs and exercises that illustrate and reinforce important concepts. By providing hands-on activities, I cater to the needs of kinesthetic learners like myself, ensuring that they actively apply what they've learned. These exercises reinforce knowledge and offer opportunities for learning from mistakes, a crucial aspect of kinesthetic learning.

Additionally, I share powerful stories from my own experiences to demonstrate what to do and what not to do. By incorporating real-world examples, I provide practical insights and highlight the significance of applying theoretical knowledge in practical situations.

Ultimately, my teaching approach is rooted in facilitating a dynamic and interactive learning experience. The tools, labs and learning resources I create aim to illustrate and reinforce essential concepts, empowering students to become proficient in computers, networking and technology. By teaching in a way that aligns with my learning style, I aim to inspire and guide students on their educational journey, preparing them for successful careers in the changing landscape of technology.


Something People Might Not Know About Me

Something people might not know about me is that I am not only an avid bike rider, but I also have a passion for technology and networking. I have set up my own server room in my basement, where I house several servers, virtual servers and networking equipment.

Building and maintaining my server room allows me to explore and experiment with different networking configurations and server setups. It provides a hands-on environment to enhance my knowledge and skills in this field.

In my free time, when I'm not out biking, you'll often find me tinkering and optimizing my server room. It's not just a hobby for me; it's a way to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in networking technology and broaden my understanding of server management.

Having a server room at home allows me to engage in personal projects, experiment with different software, and test new technologies. It's a dynamic space where I can continuously learn and expand my expertise.


Favorite Quote

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." —Albert Einstein