About The Community Impact Fellowship Program

The CCAC Homewood-Brushton Community Impact Fellowship Program is a 3-generational peer-peer educational experience that aims to decrease STEM + Medicine disparities. Through a holistic approach, each of our unique  sub-curriculums will expose participants to diverse learning and career exploration opportunities in STEM+M disciplines, but also develop skills in various areas such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking and self-efficacy. The camp is hosted at CCAC’s Homewood Brushton location and runs July 2024 to August 2024.


A logo for the Homewood Brushton Center Community Impact Fellowship program . Has 4 Puzzle pieces connecting together. One Burgundy, one Dark Blue, one Purple and one Yellow.The CIFP program will immerse underrepresented youth and adults in informed career exploration and professional goal establishment in STEM + Medicine disciplines.


Young Scholar Institute (YSI) 
(6th Grade – 8th Grade)

Students will engage in 3 weeks of exciting discovery of STEM + Medicine programs. Specifically:

  • Communication
  • Computer Information Technology
  • Science
  • Allied Health & Medicine

The summer experience is hosted at CCAC’s Homewood Brushton location and runs from 9:30AM to 3:00PM.

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HBC-4-YOU Mentorship Academy
(10th grade – 12th grade)

Students will engage in 5 weeks of dual enrollment courses and mentorship training. Students will get the opportunity to earn a stipend by working as junior counselors.

Course work will provide students with leadership skills, academic accreditation and resources.

  • Starting with: SEM 103
  • Mentorship and Social and Emotion Intelligence
  • Additional Professional Development
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Adult Computer Literacy Program (ACLP)
(18 & Over)

Accepted students will take credit courses in the following Computer Information Technology Programs:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Admin. Comp. Specialist
  • Network Specialist

Some additional experiences include:

  • Training in computer technology
  • Hands on skills
  • Additional Professional Development Skills

Please note this program is limited enrollment.

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Program Staff

Bilita McIntosh

  • Director

Nicole Benjamin

  • Program Coordinator

Dr. Juel Smith

  • Advisor



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