Workforce & Community

Education and skills are essential for today's changing economy. The competitive global environment rewards workers who possess sound general knowledge that enables them to adapt to changes in the workplace and continually learn new job skills.

To build this region's competitiveness, CCAC must be a key element in the value proposition to prospective investors and employers - a guarantor of a constant supply of highly skilled workers.

Toward this objective, the college is transforming its workforce training division into a quality-driven, sales-oriented enterprise that will work closely with the area's employers and economic development officials. The Center for Professional Development is becoming the trainer of choice for southwestern Pennsylvania for:

  • Business & Industry Professional Development
  • Professional Continuing Education
  • Public Safety
  • Workforce Training: Health Care Programs

In order to help accelerate this region's economic development, CCAC will work with regional players to forecast what hard and soft skills will be needed of employees and will retool programs to meet those needs. It will also take measures to promote the importance of vocational education and the well-paying, satisfying careers available in many fields today.