Office of Internal Audit

The Office of Internal Audit operates as a member of leadership to help CCAC enable business and process improvements by evaluating internal controls to attain operational efficiency, adequacy, and effectiveness. The office monitors the adherence to policy and regulations within the organization.


Committed to CCAC

Missions & Values
The office ensures that we are following the College's policies and guidelines to support our one college operations and to strive towards building a more supportive, caring, and inclusive College.
The office is committed to providing assistance for every member within CCAC by providing anonymous reporting tools and highlighting the rules, regulations, and policies of the college.
The office is committed to the highest standards of conduct and ethical behaviors both on and off campus.

Compliance Zone Reporting

Compliance Zone Reporting is a safe space that offers anonymous reporting that promotes an ethical culture and helps to prevent fraud. As a Speak Up Culture, be sure to report on areas of suspected fraud, concerns of financial mismanagement, and ethical violations of our network security.

What to Report On? Not sure where to direct your concerns?

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Compliance FAQs

It is an anonymous reporting tool outside of the normal channel of communication to report on possible fraud, unethical, or illegal behaviors.

Any action, event, or situation that violates the College Code of Ethics - that you believe will negatively impact the College's reputation or financial well-being. This is NOT a 911 or emergency service. If you require emergency assistance, please call 911.

Please use the current reporting Forms for the following:

All employees, faculty, staff, and members of the CCAC community have access to this reporting tool.

This is an anonymous reporting tool, and you are not required to provide your name or contact information. However, including your name and contact information is optional.


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