About the Office of Sponsored Programs & Sponsored Research (OSPR)

The Office of Sponsored Programs & Sponsored Research (OSPR) works to facilitate the procurement of external funding through federal, state and local government grants. As the official college representative and contact in the grant procurement process, the department is a valuable source of information for faculty and staff interested in seeking outside funding.

The office assists with pre-award, post-award, contract and compliance for external funding projects.


OSPR Snapshot for Fiscal Year 2021

Overview of our spending for the year.

Read the OSPR Snapshot for Fiscal Year 2021


What We Do

The dedicated and very resourceful personnel of OSPR assist CCAC stakeholders (inclusive of faculty, staff, administrators and students) in the following:

  • Identifying sources of external funding opportunities, especially from public agencies/organizations (inclusive of local, state and federal governments)
  • Conducting training/workshops aimed at continuing professional development in sponsored programs administration (inclusive of grants, contracts and cooperative agreements)
  • Developing applications/proposals for submission to appropriate funding agencies and providing comprehensive oversight aimed at the effective and efficient management of funded projects in compliance with institutional and funding agencies' policies and expectations

What Makes a Grant Fundable?

  • The idea must be innovative.
  • The idea must address the needs of a particular population and meet the eligibility requirements of the grant agency.
  • The idea must promote a change that is not only desirable but also measurable.
  • The grant solicitation must be followed, and all materials must be submitted on time.
  • The proposal must be well written, and the budget must support the activities outlined.
  • There must be a plan for the sustainability of the project once the funding period is completed.
  • The grant proposal or application must address the grant guidelines and priorities.


Award Services

OSPR is the college's authorized official and contact in the grant procurement process. Therefore, grant applicants shall not be submitted on behalf of the college without going through OSPR for prior approval and submission.

The OSPR Pre-Award team strives to provide friendly support to faculty and staff preparing and submitting grant proposals, including:

  • Reviewing requests for proposals (RFPs)
  • Developing and reviewing budgets
  • Reviewing and authorizing cost-share requirements
  • Preparing and submitting proposal packages based on sponsor guidelines and using online submissions systems


To take full advantage of Pre-Award services, a project director/principal investigator (PD/PI) must follow the timeline below:

SOW = Statement of Work
Tasks Due to OSPR

1. Complete the Letter of Intent

4 weeks in advance of the submission deadline

2. Submit the final budget, justification and draft proposal

1 week (5 business days) in advance

3. Final documents for submission (excluding the final SOW)

3 business days in advance

4. Final SOW/project description

2 business days in advance


Applying for a Grant: Please complete and submit the Internal Letter of Intent.

Once OSPR is notified of an award, the Post-Award team will generate and distribute an internal Notice of Award (NOA) to the appropriate internal parties. The NOA is the college's official documentation for the PD/PI to begin working on the project activities outlined in the grant proposal. Grant activities, including grant spending, cannot begin until an NOA has been generated.

The Post-Award team strives to provide customer-friendly support, including:

  • Preparing and submitting subcontract agreements
  • Providing onboarding training for new PD/PIs
  • Providing guidance on sponsor-specific guidelines and regulations, contractual terms and conditions related to the OMB's Uniform Guidance, and CCAC policy.
  • Reviewing budget, cost-sharing and related documents
  • Reviewing and approving budget modifications
  • Reviewing and submitting progress reports


Awards List

Each year, CCAC receives several awards to help fund the college. The Awarded Sponsored Program list includes new funding projects. CCAC's reoccurring sponsored programs, such as KEYS, Act 101 and Perkins, are not listed.

For additional information on our sponsored programs, please email grants@ccac.edu.

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