About Graduation

Walking at graduation to receive your degree or certificate will be one of the best times of your life. Reaching your goal will require persistence in following your program, monitoring your progress, and meeting the requirements for graduation. For most programs, successful completion of a program includes:

  • Completing the minimum credits required for graduation
  • Attaining a minimum institutional grade point average (GPA) of 2.0; institutional GPA does not include grade points from developmental classes or transfer credits
  • Completing the required courses, restricted and general electives prescribed by the program

Make sure you are on track for graduation by viewing My Progress in Student Planning to measure your progress in your assigned program or another proposed program and meeting with an academic advisor to plan your courses for future terms.

If you are not sure whether you are ready to graduate, please meet with an academic advisor to discuss your degree audit.

The Graduation Process

Apply Online

Apply online in Self-Service on the Graduation Overview pane, choosing the term you expect to graduate. There is no fee for the graduation application. See Instructions for Graduation Overview.

Advisor Review of your Graduation Application

An academic advisor will review your graduation application and run a Degree Audit evaluation (similar to My Progress in Student Planning) to ensure you have met all requirements for graduation. If the advisor notes missing requirements, you will be notified by the Advising Office via email. We encourage you to meet with an advisor to plan for completing those missing requirements.

Certification Process

At the end of the term AFTER GRADES ARE VERIFIED, the Regional Directors of Registration will review the final degree audit and certify your credential if requirements are complete.

Incomplete Requirements?

Requirements may not be complete if you failed to complete your last semester courses, or other requirements are missing. If requirements are not complete, you will receive an email from the Registration Office and will be encouraged to meet with an advisor to adjust your academic plan.

This certification process may take up to three weeks following the final grades deadline.

Confirmation of your Diploma Information

Once all graduation certifications are complete (3 weeks after final grade posting), the Registrar's office will send you an email asking you to confirm diploma name and mailing address.

Mailing of Diplomas

Diplomas will be mailed to the address listed on your graduation application, approximately 6 weeks after the commencement date. 

Deadlines to Apply for Graduation

Students should apply for graduation by the following dates in their last term:

  • Summer: July 30
  • Fall: November 30
  • Spring: March 30 (to ensure that your name will be included in the Commencement program) or April 30 if not attending commencement


Celebrate your outstanding achievement with your fellow graduates at Commencement, held annually in May. Graduates from the previous December graduation are invited to walk at the May commencement. Also, students eligible to graduate in May and the following August are invited to walk at Commencement. See more information on Commencement.


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