About Placement Testing

As a new student to CCAC, you may need to take several placement assessments before you register for classes. These assessments are not an entrance exam but are designed to help you choose the right classes for your success at CCAC by accurately assessing your current skills.

We currently have the following assessments:

  • Reading
  • Math (three sections: Arithmetic, Algebra, and Advanced Algebra)
  • English Self-Directed Questionnaire
  • English as a Second Language (ESL Reading, Listening, and Writing)
  • BIO 110 Waiver

Placement assessments can be completed either virtually (at home) or in-person (on campus), so you can take the assessments where you want and when you want. You will make that choice when you register. 

Placement Testing Steps

Step 1: Apply to CCAC

As a new student to CCAC, the first step to enrolling is easy! Simply complete the admissions application.

Once accepted, you will receive your student ID number. You will need this in order to register for your tests.

Step 2: Send Us Your Transcript

If you graduated from high school within the last five years and had an overall graduating GPA of 2.7 or higher, email your last semester/final high school transcript to admissions@ccac.edu.

Another college? Send your official transcript from each college you attended to transcripts@ccac.edu.

Step 3: Exemption / Accommodation

Determine if you are eligible for and exemption or need an accommodation for your placement test before you schedule your placement test



Step 4: Register for your placement tests either at home or on campus

  • Click Placement Tests link
  • The event registration form will open.
    • You will need the email address and password you used when creating your application.
    • You can select any of the placement assessment except for the BIO 110 Waiver. You can do that below.
  • Determine if you want to take your tests at home or on campus.
  • Once you have submitted your request, check your personal email inbox for a confirmation email with additional information.
    • Be patient, your request will be processed the next business day if taking the assessment at home.

Step 5: Create your CCAC Username and Password (NetID)

You will need this when you take your placement test at a CCAC Testing Center location. To create your account, click here and select "Create your NetID Account". Follow the instructions as provided.

Once your NetID is activated, you will receive a confirmation email. If you need help creating your NetID, please refer to our student user guide, call us at 412.237.2222, select option 1, or attend a CCAC NET ID Creation workshop held the third Wednesday of the month from 3:00PM - 4:00PM.

Step 6: If taking the placement test on campus, schedule an appointment in Navigate

Now that you have your NetID, you will need to access Navigate and schedule an appointment in one of our Testing Center locations. Navigate is used for scheduling appointments for Placement Testing and other student services. Download "Navigate Student" today through Google Play or the AppStore, search for "CCAC", and enter your username and password (same as above). Students may also access the app's features through the desktop portal. Use Chrome or Firefox browser for best results. Use your CCAC username and password to log in. Do you need assistance with any of these processes? Please refer to our Navigate Student Guide or call us at 412.237.2222, select option 1.

If taking the test on campus, you will get information on how to schedule your test in Navigate.

Step 7: Taking the English Self-Directed Questionnaire

English Self-Directed Questionnaire is not a test but a tool to help you learn about the CCAC English courses and decide which one is right for you. You do not need to register for this assessment.

Click to take the English Questionnaire test

Step 8: What if I want to take the BIO 110 Waiver

If you plan to register for advanced biology classes and you previously studied introductory biology, you may be eligible to skip Biology 110, Introduction to Biology, by passing the BIO 110 Waiver test.

The test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions with a 60-minute time limit. Passing the test with a score of 70 or above will exempt you from taking the BIO 110 prerequisite for advanced biology courses.

You can register to take the test online by clicking the button below. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment to take the test on campus by emailing placementtesting@ccac.edu with "BIO 110 Waiver Test" in the subject line. Do not forget to include your student ID and birthday so we can access your account.

Click the here button to register for the at home test. 

Placement Test Practice

Skill levels of students entering college can very. Students that study for an assessment before taking it can make the difference between a positive and a negative result. The most effective means of studying for a placement assessment is working with the practice materials provided by the college. CCAC provides resources to help you prepare for your placement assessments as well as, Accuplacer, our assessment provider. You should practice until you are comfortable with the question formats and content.

Visit the Accuplacer Practice Test site and sign up for a free account to practice using the test simulator. You will be able to practice for the reading, arithmetic, advanced algebra and functions, ESL reading, and ESL listening tests using the simulator.

CCAC also provides testing resources for both the reading and math placement test listed below.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are taking the tests virtually (at home), we use Examity to proctor your assessments. You will need a desktop or laptop computer with a web camera and microphone, a stable internet connection, and a quiet place to concentrate and take your assessment. It is important that no one else be in the room with you while taking the test virtually. 

You are not allowed the use of any electronic devices during your assessment or the use of a calculator during your math assessment unless approved by Disability Resources and Services as an accommodation.

Contact CCAC's Office of Disability Resources and Services to see if you qualify.

Do I qualify for an accommodation? 

You may not need to take all placement tests. CCAC offers a number of eligible exemptions.

Do I qualify for an exemption?

If you are a high school senior and are looking to take advantage of the reading/English exemption, you must send your high school transcript only after the first two grading periods or first semester of your senior year to get this exemption. Any transcripts sent without those grades and GPA will not be acceptable.  

Dual Enrollment students who are juniors or seniors only need to take a placement test if the course they are taking has a math or English prerequisite or have not taken the SAT/ACT exams. All other Dual Enrollment students not yet juniors or seniors are required to take all three placement tests (reading, math, and English). 

The math test consists of three parts (arithmetic, algebra, and advanced algebra). You will start with arithmetic, which has 20 multiple-choice questions. If you get a high enough score, the algebra section will launch with an additional 20 multiple-choice questions. If you get a high enough score on the algebra section, the advanced algebra section will launch with 20 more multiple-choice questions. If you do not score high enough on any one section, the test will submit and your score report will display the math course in which you are eligible to enroll. 

Students take this test when English is not their first language. The ESL test has three parts: reading skills, listening skills, and writing skills. The reading and listening sections have 20 multiple-choice questions. The writing section presents you with a prompt and asks you to write an essay of approximately 300 to 600 words. 

If you are required to complete the reading test, you will also need to complete the "English Questionnaire". 

Placement assessments can be taken a second time with the approval of an advisor. A student may retest for a placement out of a course in which he/she was enrolled after a 4-year period. Once a student has retested after four years and scores into the same course(s) for which he/she was enrolled, there is no further alternative, regardless of the result. The BIO 110 Waiver can only be taken once a year. 

Once you complete your placement assessments, Academic Advising can help you explore our programs and register for classes. 

  • Allegheny Campus in room S130 and is located in the Student Services Center at 839 Ridge Ave on the Northside of Pittsburgh.  
  • Boyce Campus Testing Center is in room S563 and is located at 595 Beatty Rd in Monroeville. 
  • North Campus Testing Center is in room 1002 and is located at 8701 Perry Highway in McCandless Township.
  • South Campus Testing Center is in room B447 and is located at 1750 Clairton Road in West Mifflin. 

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