About Withdrawal Procedures

It is important to be aware of college policy concerning withdrawal from all or some of your classes. Notifying the instructor of your intention to withdraw does not count as an official withdrawal from a course.

The following procedures are important to a student's grade record at the college.

  • A student may drop a class during the drop period* of the term and it will not appear on the transcript.
  • After the drop period ends until the withdrawal deadline, a student may voluntarily withdraw from a class and a W notation will appear on the student's grade report and transcript. There is no refund of tuition or fees associated with the Withdrawal process.
  • Any actions or pending actions of academic misconduct may prohibit a student from withdrawing from a course. The right to withdraw is denied to any student on whom an Academic Misconduct Report Form is filed. Once the form is filed, the right to withdraw is suspended. If the student files an academic misconduct appeal at the conclusion of the process two possibilities may happen: (1) if the student is exonerated, the right to withdraw applies retroactively; or (2) if the student is found guilty of academic misconduct, the right to withdraw is denied.
  • After the withdrawal deadline, the instructor must give the student a grade (A, B, C, D, F or I) for the class. This grade will appear on the grade report and transcript.

To Withdraw From One or All Classes

Complete and submit the withdrawal form and email to registration@ccac.edu. Failure to submit this form to the Registration office by the withdrawal deadline may result in F grades and have financial consequences.

See deadlines for drop or withdraw on the semester's academic calendar, the calendar below, or contact the Registration Office for short or off-phase courses. Students should be aware, however, that credits attempted are used to determine whether they are making satisfactory academic progress and can affect their eligibility to receive financial aid during this term or in the future.

Medical Withdrawal

A medical withdrawal is defined as a withdrawal from courses for medical reasons. While often this results in a withdrawal from all courses, the director of Disability Resources and Services, in consultation with the student's physician, may determine a student's ability to maintain some courses while withdrawing from others (for example, a student with a broken leg may need to withdraw from a HPE course but could maintain other courses not requiring physical activity; or a student may need to withdraw from courses on campus due to a medical condition but may be able to maintain online learning courses).

Medical withdrawals received before the end of the drop period will result in a drop of courses (no entry on the student's transcript). Medical withdrawals received after the drop deadline until the last day of classes will result in course entries with a "W" grade(s).

Adjustment of tuition and fees follow the stated dates in the academic calendar.

Request for Medical Withdrawal Form

Involuntary Administrative Withdrawal

The college reserves the right to cancel the registration of a student at any time for just cause. The cause may include poor academic performance or disruptive behavior. The student has a right to appeal such dismissal through the appropriate procedures. These procedures appear in the Student Handbook.