About The CCAC Educational Foundation

The mission of the CCAC Educational Foundation is to support the students and priorities of the Community College of Allegheny County by raising funds, engaging with alumni, stewarding our resources, and supporting the college's capacity to innovate.

The foundation's scholarship program has increased significantly over the past three years in response to increasing student need. During the 2022–2023 academic year, almost 600 students were awarded more than $550,000 in total scholarship funding, representing over 300% growth in dollars awarded since 2019. Part of this increase was the implementation of the first scholarship awards in the foundation's history for newly enrolled students at the college in 2021, as well as the new Allegheny County Dr. Charles J. Martoni Endowed Scholarship, which began making awards in 2022.

In terms of overall student aid, the Student Emergency GAP Fund represents the CCAC Educational Foundation's most significant way of providing direct support to students with emergency financial needs. Currently, the fund awards over $65,000 to approximately 130 students each year. The foundation has worked diligently to raise funds from corporate and private foundation partners across the community to support this need, and many members of the CCAC community, including faculty, staff and administrators, contribute to the GAP fund every year.



"At the CCAC Educational Foundation, we are committed to making life-changing opportunities possible for our students. Through the support of generous donors, friends and community partners, the foundation supports students, faculty and staff at the college with the resources and programming they need to achieve success. The difference that we make in students' lives here at CCAC will ultimately impact the community and our region's workforce as a whole."


Unrestricted Gifts

Gifts without a specific designation are earmarked for the Annual Fund and are used to meet unplanned and critical financial challenges that often arise, or for programs, projects, and initiatives at CCAC that cannot be funded through the college's operating budget.

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Honor/Memorial Gifts

The Honor/Memorial Giving Program offers donors the opportunity to honor a friend or remember a loved one.

Upon the death of a loved one or in recognition of a milestone for a person who is still living, family or friends may choose to make a gift to the CCAC Educational Foundation. Memorial gifts also provide a way to remember your friend or loved one at special times throughout the year, such as the anniversary of their passing or on their birthday.

The list of individuals and organizations who contribute to the foundation will be shared with the fund point of contact. The list will include the names and mailing addresses of the donors. The contribution amounts of the donors will not be shared with the fund point of contact.

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CCAC Family Campaign

Each year, the foundation encourages CCAC faculty and staff to support the college as they are able. Funds raised through this effort are used to support the Student Emergency GAP Fund.

The primary opportunity for faculty and staff to donate is on Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving every year, as part of the Give Big Pittsburgh campaign. A gift of any size made by a member of the CCAC family is valuable as foundations and corporate donors often inquire about the percentage of CCAC employees who support the college's fundraising efforts.

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Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC)

The CCAC Educational Foundation is an educational improvement organization under the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania EITC program. Under EITC, businesses may receive a 75% tax credit for contributions to an educational improvement organization like CCAC, up to a maximum of $750,000 per taxable year. The tax credit increases to 90% for businesses that commit to making the same donation for two consecutive years.

The CCAC Educational Foundation utilizes EITC funding to support the college's Dual Enrollment program, which helps local high school students take credit courses at the college. School districts across Allegheny County collaborate with CCAC on Dual Enrollment programs.



Planned Giving

Charitable gift planning allows you to support causes that matter to you into the far future. With gift planning, you or your heirs may also receive substantial tax, estate planning and other financial benefits. The most common (and easiest) ways you can leave a legacy for CCAC are:

These are the simplest of all planned gifts. You can choose to leave a fixed dollar amount or a certain percentage of your estate to the CCAC Educational Foundation to benefit the college. You can also designate the foundation to receive the residual amount after your estate allocations are fulfilled. No gift is too small, and every gift is appreciated. Your gift to CCAC will prolong both your legacy and CCAC's legacy. If you are considering remembering CCAC in your will, now is the time to plan with your attorney and a representative of the foundation.
Life Insurance Policies
You can change the beneficiary of a policy to the CCAC Educational Foundation or purchase a new life insurance policy naming the foundation as beneficiary and owner.


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