About Real Estate Continuing Education

The Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission requires all real estate licensees to complete 14 hours of education each renewal period. For the current renewal period, the Commission is requiring 3.5 hours in the topic of Redlining, Steering, Implicit Bias, Diversity and the Fair Housing Act. The other 10.5 hours can be completed in elective topics. CCAC will be offering both required and elective courses to meet your continuing education requirements for Pennsylvania.

The Spring Schedule is now open and available to register.


Courses & Duration

  • XAP-044 The Fair Housing Act - 3.5 hrs
  • XAP-032 Property Assessment in PA - 7 hrs
  • XAP-035 Residential Mortgage Financing - 7 hrs
  • XAP-040 The PA Association of Realtors Agreement of Sale - 7 hrs
  • XAP-043 Advertising & Marketing - 3.5 hrs


7.0 Hour classes are $89

3.5 Hour classes are $45


For More Information Contact

Sylvia Elsayed

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