Master Nonprofit Fundraising

Grant writing is one of the most important aspects of working in the nonprofit sector. The success of a nonprofit comes down to how they structure their organization and how well they fundraise. This 100% online course will train you to manage the entire process of writing a funding proposal for your nonprofit organization. You'll learn how to create a successful grant proposal and manage your organizational goals, projects and outcomes.

Course Objectives

  • Be able to research, plan and write effectively for multiple purposes in the nonprofit sector
  • Understand the entire grant proposal writing process, including defining scope, project management and financial projections
  • Identify roles of funding agencies, philanthropic foundations and giving institutions
  • Develop effective nonprofit management strategies
  • Develop effective research strategies, data collection, and invention
  • Develop managerial skills that will enable you to supervise both projects and people


Job Outlook for Grant Writers

  • estimates that grant writers can earn up to $68,000 annually, with the current median salary sitting around $48,000.
  • According to, the base salary for Non-Profit Grant Writer ranges from $43,873 to $52,070 with the average base salary of $47,005.

Grant Writing & Nonprofit Management FAQs

Not-for-profit (or nonprofit) 501(c) entities rely on fundraising and development to sustain their mission. Grant writing is one of the key strategies in the nonprofits sector for fundraising.

Nonprofit managers to oversee organizational structure and day-to-day activities of a nonprofit. These individuals focus on administration rather than generating revenue. However, for many small or startup nonprofits, the roles of fundraising and management may fall on the same individual.

Yes. Beyond grant writing, organizations can set up auctions, donation drives, events and more. To do this, a nonprofit must have a clear mission, vision and organizational structure.

Federal, state, foundation and corporate grants are available. The Federal government is the largest source of grant funding.