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Meet the Faculty: Bobby Ficco


Assistant Professor, Biology


Year Joined CCAC



Courses Currently Teaching

Life Science
Introduction to Biology
Anatomy and Physiology Lab


Most Memorable CCAC Experience

In the summer of 2018, there was a brood of ducks and their mother, "Dahlia," on Allegheny Campus. A few colleagues and I were fearful for their safety and felt the need to give nature a helping hand. I called the National Aviary and arranged for the head ornithologist and three animal care staff members to come to campus and carefully scoop up the family in nets and transport them safely to nearby Lake Elizabeth in Allegheny Commons Park. Incidentally, birds often nest in the same place, so again in the summer of 2019, Dahlia returned. Once again, we were able to "make way for ducklings" and help the new family get to safe waters.   


Why I Teach What I Teach

I enjoy sharing my passion for teaching, energy and knowledge to help my students learn more about the world around them. I hope that they develop a newfound appreciation for the beautiful diversity and unity of life. We, as humans, are family and interconnected-we have one Earth, which we call home, that we are all responsible to care for and leave beautiful for generations to come.


Something People Might Not Know About Me

I circumnavigated the globe with Semester at Sea (Spring 2000), visiting nine countries in three and a half months: Cuba, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Japan.


Favorite Quote

"Imagining something may be the first step in making it happen, but it takes the real time and real efforts of real people to learn things, make things, turn thoughts into deeds or visions into inventions." -Fred Rodgers