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Meet the Faculty

CCAC is a place where faculty, staff and administration support the idea of education for all. Our faculty members are some of the best in the region who believe in the potential of every single student they teach. We would like to introduce you to some of these wonderful professors and adjuncts. They may teach at different locations or be experts in different subjects but the one thing they share is a commitment to your success. Click on any name below to find a short bio about some of our favorite faculty members.


Mary Beth Johnson

Learn more about Mary Beth Johnson, Professor of Court Reporting & Department Chair, Business Technologies.

Gilbert H. Cardenas

Learn more about Gilbert H. Cardenas, Assistant Professor of Early Education and Child Development.

Dena Rose Buzila

Learn more about Dena Rose Buzila, Adjunct Instructor (Business)/Academic Advisor.

Diana Ifft-Cecotti

Learn more about Diana Ifft-Cecotti, Adjunct Professor/Academic Advisor.

Patrick Huth

Learn more about Patrick Huth, Professor of Physics.

Elizabeth Claytor

Learn more about Elizabeth Claytor, Professor of English.