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Renowned Science Association features CCAC's STEM Initiatives in Article Authored by CCAC Northwest Region President

Dr. Evon Walters, CCAC Northwest Region President

Dr. Evon Walters, CCAC Northwest Region President

The American Association for the Advancement of Sciences has published Dr. Evon W. Walters' May 2024 blog post, "Community Colleges: Catalysts for Building and Diversifying the STEM Ecosystem," which was included as part of the Science Disruptor series of the organization’s Improving Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative. In the article, Dr. Walters addresses the series’ featured topic on the role of community colleges in advancing and diversifying the STEM pipeline—and highlights the critical part that community colleges play in meeting current and future needs for more STEM professionals.

"Addressing this STEM labor market challenge will require an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach involving federal, state, and local government entities partnering with local economic and workforce agencies, community-based organizations, and K-12 and post-secondary sectors, particularly community colleges,"  he wrote. 

The compelling piece also showcases CCAC's success stories, programs and the new Center for Education Innovation & Training.

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