Kids Summer of Discovery Is Returning in 2024

Community Education youth classes gives youth an opportunity to continue to learn and grow outside of school. We believe in approaching curriculum from a creative perspective, letting "kids be kids" throughout the learning process. Participants will enjoy the opportunity to explore learning in ways that best suit their interests and abilities. Our programs are designed to introduce curriculum in a fun, positive environment.

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New Classes for Summer 2024!

  • Adventures of Science
  • Arts
  • Creative Writing
  • College Essay Writing
  • Math and English Clinics
  • And more!
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Summer Math Enrichment Academy for Middle & High School

Learning shouldn't end when school does. CCAC's Summer Enrichment Academy can help students get ahead. CCAC offers a limited number of math courses for middle or high school credit. Students who attend public high schools or other private schools may attend our summer enrichment academy. We create an official transcript to forward to your home school upon successful completion of the course(s). These courses can be taken for advancement to obtain credit for classes to accelerate the student's academic progress or to lessen the load of courses during the regular school year. Students can also audit the classes (no grade) to help strengthen their skills. If taking the course for credit please verify your enrollment with your home school counselor to ensure that your school will accept credits from CCAC.

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Driver Education Classroom Theory & Behind-the-Wheel

Successful completion of the course may result in a short-term benefit of reduced insurance premium. The long-term benefit is the development of safe driving habits that will last a lifetime.

Internet Theory Course

Online-Classroom Theory Instruction via CCAC Blackboard Course will include skills and applications, projects, video, chapter, unit and final exam.

Practice Driving
Students receive six hours of instruction behind the wheel.


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