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Bullocks Vlog: November 2023

Dr. Bullock is thrilled to mark a significant milestone for CCAC—the opening of our new Center for Education, Innovation & Training on Allegheny Campus.

Bullocks Vlog: October 2023

Dr. Bullock shares some updates about a few key initiatives that every student should be aware of, as they can help enhance your educational journey at the Community College of Allegheny County.

Bullock's Vlog: September 2023

Dr. Bullock discusses finding a balance between your academic responsibilities and your extracurricular activities.

Bullock's Vlog: August 2023

Dr. Bullock shares some essential steps you can take to get the semester off to a great start!

Bullock's Vlog: March 2023

As we head into the second half of our semester, Dr. Bullock encourages you to take advantage of the student support resources that are available to you.

Bullock's Vlog: February 2023

Dr. Bullock invites us to join in with exploring the work of civil rights champions, voices who have challenged and enriched our understanding of equality, justice, and freedom in our very own Pittsburgh community.